About Us

Education Clinic Ltd.
Educators from all over the world came together under the umbrella of Education Clinic Ltd in Iraqi Kurdistan's Sulaimani city to provide the best of education services to the Iraqi students.

Education Clinic Ltd prides itself for the human resources it possesses. Educators from different countries, having tens of years of experience in education and educational psychology are here to serve you.

We primarily provide services to facilitate the student's education through primary school, high school and university.
Education Clinic Test Center:
For the first time in Iraq, Education Clinic Ltd established a Test Center in Sulaimani. Education Clinic Test Center (ECTC) provides career tests to students to find out their abilities and skills to let them find the best career path.
Education Clinic Consultation Center:
Another field of services provided by Education Clinic Ltd is education consultation. Our education professionals help you to find the best universities all over the world, performing the necessary admission steps for you. We first let you know which fields of profession are the most suitable to your abilities and skills and then find the best universities all over the world for you. Finally we get your paper work done and send you to study your dream college in your dream university. Moreover, we do not leave you alone in your new country. We will be always there to offer the best solutions for you.
Education Clinic Exchange Programs Center:
The Education Clinic Ltd also serves you with the best exchange programs and summer schools. With our professional teams, you will find the best and most suitable exchange programs and summer schools for you. Our teams will help you throughout the process and also will assist you in your destination countries.